Securities-Backed Lending

A securities-backed loan allows borrowers to access the inherent value of their freely traded stock position without having to liquidate their position in the open market. We provide several financing models including repurchase agreements (repo), reverse repurchase agreements, and collateralised stock loans whereby ownership of the securities remains with the borrower.

Union Pacific Capital collaborates and advises borrowers on optimal solutions to meet goals and objectives. The entire process is quick, transparent and confidential. Loan proceeds can be used for personal or business purposes, to leverage, diversify or hedge current market positions with no restrictions. Funding can be dynamic with loans closing in as little as 8 business days.

Global custodians are used where collateral is segregated and borrower has online access to pledged securities. We fund and service our own loans. We fund against publicly traded securities on most world public exchanges.

Loan terms are based on evaluation of the risk and future performance associated with the securities to be pledged as collateral. Loans are interest-only and non-recourse, the borrower has the option of simply walking away at anytime with no further liability. In the event of a loan default, there is no reporting to any credit bureaus or governmental agencies and no public notice is issued. There is no adverse consequence to the borrower’s credit.

Due to the unique tax and legal issues involved with securities-backed lending, borrowers should consult both tax and legal counsel.

For corporate borrowers and major shareholders:

If your company is listed on the stock market, we can offer loans that are backed by these securities.

A borrower may decide to enter into a transaction with Union Pacific Capital using equities as collateral and may believe the stock will increase in value in future. Rather than liquidate the equity holding, the borrower transfers the shares as collateral to Union Pacific Capital or to an independent custodian and receives the loan proceeds.

If the stock price increases during the loan term, the borrower retains 100% of the market value at the end of the tenor. This arrangement allows attractive terms, including lower interest rates than offered by other financing vehicles.

Not only are our loans non-recourse, they're also non-purpose, which allows the corporate borrower to use the loan proceeds for any purpose.

For individuals:

When you use the borrowing power of your eligible securities, you will have immediate access to the funds you need while still allowing you to pursue your long-term financial strategy.

A securitie-backed loan may be used for any purpose, including real estate investments, bridge loans, personal expenses, business expansion, debt/loan consolidation, luxury purchases or simply providing a hedge for your current investment portfolio.

By having a securities-backed loan in place, you do not need to sell assets (which may have tax implications) or secure a last-minute loan at unfavorable terms and rates, so you’ll be better prepared for whatever comes your way.

Finding liquidity using traditional lending sources can be challenging, expensive and time consuming. Banks and stock brokerage houses are an option, but typically have a large amount of red tape to navigate, less-than-desirable interest rates and LTV ratios and may involve intrusive credit checks.

Union Pacific Capital deploys our own capital when awarding loans. We work closely with our clients to offer a bespoke lending solution that is simple to understand and dynamic in delivery.

Union Pacific deploy our own capital when awarding loans.
We work closely with our clients to offer a bespoke lending solution that is simple to understand and dynamic in delivery.
24 hour response time
upto 75% Loan to Value
4% average interest rate
Funding within 8 days
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