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Capital Market Financing

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The capital markets are an interesting source of funding for larger companies. However, raising capital also involves challenges. Capital market advice and practical solutions from our experts will answer all your questions relating to capitalization and investor access – regardless of whether you’re looking for equity or debt capital.

Your benefits


Advice from experienced specialists with specific market, transaction and industry expertise


Global access to capital markets


A comprehensive product and service offering


Access to strategic investors through our broad network of clients and relationships

Our offering

We are a full-service firm specializing in equity and debt financing that is tailor-made to suit you. Make the most of our tried and tested expertise in capital market finance.

Equity Financing

Equity can be raised either via public capital markets or on the private equity market. We provide comprehensive support, deep-seated expertise and unique cross border solutions for the following strategic funding transactions:

- IPOs
- Capital increases
- Issuance of convertible bonds
- Private placements of equity interests

Given our extensive knowledge and experience, we can readily respond to any inquiries regarding the composition and structure of your company’s equity in addition to offering solutions with proven efficiency for the following transactions:

- Capital restructuring
- Placements of minority interests
- Growth financing

Debt Financing

As well as conventional debt financing via bank loans, subject to certain conditions, your company can raise debt finance on the capital market, for example via:

- Placements of public bonds
- Private placements

We will advise and support you throughout the entire issuance process - from preparation, to roadshows for potential investors, through to launch. In addition, we can offer you specific advice on the capital structure and risk management of your debt financing including, but not limited to:

- Capital restructuring
- Rating advisory services
- Management of interest rate and foreign currency risks